Hasegawa Clinic

A family doctor in your city where you can talk about anything

From babies to the elderly, regardless of gender or gender, our hospital aims to be a "family doctor" in such areas, dealing with common illnesses. We will support your life as the closest family doctor about your health and illness.

Consultation Hours

  9:00~13:00 13:00~14:00 15:00~19:00
Monday Internal medicine / Pediatrics   Internal medicine / Pediatrics
Tuesday Internal medicine / Pediatrics / Surgery Vaccination / Infant health checkup Internal medicine / Pediatrics
Wednesday Internal medicine / Pediatrics / Surgery
Vaccination / Infant health checkup Internal medicine / Pediatrics
Thursday Closed
Friday Internal medicine / Pediatrics / Surgery   Internal medicine / Pediatrics
Saturday Internal medicine / Pediatrics
Covid-19 Vaccine outpatient
Gastrocamera((2nd and 4th)
  • The reception closes 30 minutes before the consultation time.
  • General consultations require reservations during the hours, and reservations can be made by phone or online.
  • Please contact us by phone for reservations for gastrocamera, vaccination, and infant screening.
  • Please refer to the notice section for reservations for the new coronavirus vaccine.

Outpatient clinic(What is a family doctor)

Our role as a family doctor is to become a doctor for everyone in the family, from babies to the elderly. Regardless of age, gender, or organs, we will respond appropriately to familiar illnesses.
In addition, we will detect diseases such as cancer at an early stage and promptly treat them in cooperation with appropriate specialized institutions.
If you are worried about your body or wondering where to go, please visit our hospital first and consult with us.

Home-visit medical care

Home-visit medical care is to fulfill the desire to spend time at home or institution where you are accustomed to living even if you get sick. For those who have difficulty going to the hospital alone at home or institution, a doctor will visit your house on a regular basis.
In the home-visit medical examination, in addition to medical examinations and prescriptions, tests such as blood sampling and intravenous drip can be performed.
Patients who receive home-visit medical care are those who need palliative treatment at the cancer terminal (end stage), those who are using a respirator, those who have gastrostomy or tube feeding, and those who use home-visit oxygen. Those who have a pressure ulcer and those who need treatment or treatment for pressure ulcers are also eligible.
The cost of home visits varies depending on the patient's illness and medical condition, so please contact us by phone(045-431-1020).

Vaccination(Tuesday / Wednesday 13:00~14:00)

Vaccination is one of the most important things to protect your child's health. Infection with a disease that could be prevented by vaccination can lead to severe sequelae and, in some cases, life-threatening risks.
Children living in Yokohama can be vaccinated at our hospital. Please bring a publicly funded vaccination ticket (hepatitis B, hib, pneumococcal bacteria, 4 types mixed, MR, chickenpox, Japanese encephalitis, 2 types mixed, etc.) and a maternal and child handbook.
Please refer to the following page for details on various vaccines and vaccination schedules.
If you would like to get vaccinated, please contact us by phone(045-431-1020).

Infant health checkup(Tuesday / Wednesday 13:00~14:00)

Infants and infants can be examined at our hospital along with vaccinations. We accept measurement, medical treatment, developmental check, health and development consultation. If you wish, please contact us by phone(045-431-1020).


By Train 5 minutes walk from the east exit of "Oguchi Station" on the JR Yokohama Line.
Near the Kaminoki District Center.
By Bus Yokohama City Bus 213 "Kaminokicho" near the bus stop.

Parking Lot

There are 3 cars in front of our hospital.
※Since the number of cars is limited, please use the nearby parking lot when the car is full.


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  • US:超音波検査
  • ※土曜のGF/USは第2、第4のみとなります。
  • ※令和6年4月より、診療体制が変わります。


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